Purchasing Tokens After the ICO

2017, Dec 11    

Many of our users have asked how they can acquire tokens after the conclusion of an ICO. We have been hard at work finding a simple solution and are excited to announce additional functionality to support this use case. Typically, once ICO tokens become tradeable they are first listed on EtherDelta, a highly innovative decentralized exchange the resolves many of the risks surrounding centralized exchanges, particularly with regards to the risk of exchange bankruptcy and counter-party risk. Some ICO’s also choose to create a decentralized liquidity pool using the Bancor Protocol. To interact with either of these decentralized exchange solutions, simply download the MetaMask Chrome Plugin and add some ether to your wallet. When possible, Sangus ICO pages will now link to the relevant EtherDelta token exchange, and include a bancor widget to directly purchase the token without leaving our platform.


To access the EtherDelta token exchange, simply click on the Buy On EtherDelta link directly below the ICO dates.

EtherDelta Link


To purchase tokens through Bancor, click on Buy link below the rating section. You will need to approve the transaction and specify how many tokens to buy in a subsequent modal. Currently, the following tokens support Bancor continuous liquidity: BMC, STX. GNO, BNT, IND, and ENJ.

Bancor Link

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