Displaying Token Balances

2017, Oct 20    

Ever wanted to see your token balances while browsing through past ICO’s? You can link your ethereum wallet to Sangus in a few easy steps. Once your wallets are linked, your balances will appear directly on the page and update in real time!

If you use a browser extension to manage your balance (MetaMask or Mist) we can also directly fetch your public address. All you need to do is unlock your account and refresh the page while logged in.

1) Sign up

In order to see your balance you will need to first create an account with Sangus. To do so simply click Sign Up, enter your email and a password, and confirm that you have the correct password

Sign Up

2) Log In

Now that you have an account, you can go ahead and Log In.

Log In

To see your wallet balance you will need to link your wallet. Simply click on Account > Linked Wallets and enter your public wallet address. Please make sure to enter only your PUBLIC address (never share you private key, whether online or offline).

Link Wallet

3) View Balance

Now that you have linked your wallet you will be able to see your balance both on the home page and on a given ico detail page.

Your Balance

Your Balance Home

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