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2017, Nov 13    

Data-driven decision making is becoming the norm in many industries, from healthcare to advertising to finance. Regardless the industry, the fuel for these decision engines is data. But many data sets are protected by privacy regulations, making it hard for companies to share that data both internally and externally.

Rockchain, who launched their ICO earlier this month, think they’ve figured out how to solve for those privacy restrictions by relying on the Ethereum blockchain.

Rockchain is a distributed network and set of APIs based on the Ethereum blockchain making privacy-ready DAPPs possible. Its dAppBox product allows data aggregation and computation logic against siloed data sets while preserving the privacy rights of each set. dAppBox is currently in its alpha stage of development.

As an example of one use case, suppose a health tech company wanted to compare two siloed data sets that were protected by medical privacy regulations. Relying on blockchain technology, Rockchain can help its clients conduct that analysis without commingling the protected data sets or violating privacy rules.

We asked Rockchain CEO Sébastien Jehan, a Sangus advisor, a few questions about his ICO.

What’s unique about your team?

Our internal team has several key skillsets, in particular crypto and infrastructure, that are unique and help us develop products quickly. As we invest further in our dAppBox product on the B2B market, we’re hiring some of the best developers on the market.

We also have a great and active advisory team: marketing, financial and IT professionals that were essential to helping us build the Rockchain proposal before the ICO. It’s rare, even in big companies, to have such diverse talents effectively collaborating to design a brand.

How does blockchain technology make your product better than traditional technology would?

We rely on the Blockchain for

  1. Orchestrating access rights on the public blockchain
  2. Making sure computations on private data are not altered
  3. Making new “Rockchain scripts” available to the public

Blockchain is the public backbone that enables companies to work together, allowing external public entities to access private data. Therefore the Rockchain vision can only be achieved on a blockchain.

Who is your ideal investor?

Our ideal investor is blockchain aware with a good understanding of what companies want for the blockchain. He has a market understanding of what is at stake with the blockchain paradigm for companies. Unfortunately those are rare, but among our seed investors several have the profile.

Rockchain’s ICO is open through the end of November.

Disclosure: Rockchain’s CEO is a Sangus advisor.

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