Join the Sangus Alpha Program

2017, Nov 20    

Today we are officially launching the Sangus Alpha Program. We are looking for 100 active ICO community members to be part of this program, where they will have early access to Sangus features, a direct line of feedback to the team, and exclusive content, including early warning for airdrops. The first Sangus product to be featured will be our research platform. If you want to learn more about Sangus, check out our launch post here.

Ready to join? To register for the Alpha Program we ask that you fill out a short form to give us some background on your interests.


Priority Sangus Access

Early access to features and Sangus news, including airdrops. We have an aggressive roadmap for feature releases over the coming months and are excited to preview developments with our alpha community.

Product Preview: Research Platform

First in our product queue is the Sangus Research Platform. Alpha members will receive free access to research published by other members, the ability to vote on their work, and early access to getting paid for this research. More on this platform below.

Team Feedback

Alpha members have a direct line of feedback to the Sangus team. Get the features you want, when you want them. We will also be available to answer questions about our roadmap and projects listed on our site.

Private Telegram Group

Access to the Sangus Alpha Telegram group to discuss features, ICOs, and research with other high-calibre Alpha users from around the world.

Exclusive Content

Exclusive Sangus generated content including our own ICO research, interviews with founders, and more. For example, you can find a recent interview with RockChain here.

Research Platform


The long term vision of the research platform is to provide ICO community members a forum to share their research and earn rewards for high quality contributions. Users will compose and submit reports specific to a particular ICO and may opt charge on a pay per view basis. Other users will be able to purchase access and give feedback.

In the initial alpha release of the research platform, publications will be free to view, but restricted to Alpha Program members. This is to allow our Alpha users to vote on research publications and develop a framework for evaluating contributions. Authors will be able to link a wallet to their account and accept donations from other users that want to reward the members of our Alpha community for a job well done.

User Interface

Submitting Research

Members of the alpha program can submit research via the Sangus Homepage. To do so, simply log in to your account, navigate to an ICO’s page, and you will find a section titled “Publications”. Submitting a publication is easy. Just click on the “+” icon and fill out the new publication form. Once submitted, the Sangus team will review and list your work. It will then be visible to other alpha users in the publications section.

Publication Section

Publication Section

New Publication

New Publication

Sample Publication

Sample Publication

How To Join

Join the alpha program here.

Users will be chosen based on a combination of:

  • Order of completion
  • Existing Sangus account
  • Linked wallets
  • Contributions on social media
  • Answers provided in the registration form

About Us

Sangus is a one-stop, neutral site to help find ratings, details, and links for every Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Our mission is to help the ICO evolve into a trustworthy and respected fundraising mechanism, starting with providing would-be token buyers with all the information they need.

ICOs don’t pay a fee to list on our site and we don’t charge for reviews or ratings. Our client is the public, not ICOers. If you’d like to learn more, read about us here or jump straight into the site.