Sharing Your Metascore Badge

2017, Nov 13    

Are you an ICOer with a Sangus Metascore to celebrate? You can now directly display your metascore as a formatted badge directly on your website. The badge is automatically synced with your metascore, so any time your score changes, your community will immediately see the results featured on your website. The badge also links directly to your Sangus page, so your users can directly access research by major third party rating firms, access all your social channels in one place, and even check their token balance.

Ready to put the badge on your page? Here are 3 easy steps to get you going.

1) Find your Unique ID

Your Unique ID is the number found in the URL of your Sangus ICO page. To find this number, start on the Sangus homepage and search for your ICO. Once you land on the ICO specific page, your ID is simply the number found in the URL.

In this example, the Unique ID is 854. If you have difficulty determining this Unique ID, just reach out to us here.

2) Verify your Unique ID and Metascore

You can verify that you have the correct id by navigating to the following url in a browser:[UNIQUE_ID]

Make sure to replace [UNIQUE_ID] with your Unique ID number. You should see a badge such as the one below:

Metascore Badge

Always check that the badge is visible, has the correct metascore, and links to your ICO page on click.

3) Embed the Badge on your Website

Use the iframe snippet below to include your badge directly on your website:

<iframe src="[UNIQUE_ID]" style="transform:scale(0.5);transform-origin:0 0;" width="50%" height="50%" frameBorder="0"/>

The badge is a 300 X 400 pixel image, so we recommend scaling it within the iframe to 50% as shown in the snippet above. You can also display it at full size (or any size you adjust to) with the following snippet:

<iframe src="[UNIQUE_ID]" width="100%" height="100%" frameBorder="0"/>


If you can’t quite get the badge to work, feel free to reach out for help by contacting us here.

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